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Car, one of the greatest inventions known to man!!! It has changed the entire philosophy of travel and exploration. This invention alone has given birth to a multitude of different dimensions and markets. Construction of roads, highways, traffic lights, petrol stations, manufacturing of tires and supplementary items that customize and improve performance have all been added markets and growing industries through this invention alone.

Cars symbolize the extensive change in engineering excellence during the last few centuries. The first cars that were invented started out from steam engine design and development. Extensive research and development took place to allocate specific spacing and safety characteristics to a nascent product line. Cars are one of the very few commodities in the world that has such a high number of patents and inventions correlating to it. Different engineers and thinkers started developing their own version of a car and streamlined wheel adjustments and even torque assessments.

Though there is a difference of dates to the first manufacturing date of the first vehicle, cars became predominantly visible in the late 17th century. Cars have grown exponentially and changed into a robust and dynamic vehicle of excellence. Comfort, reliability, gas consumption and durability are now key differentiators in the market. Cars have evolved as the years have passed by and now have become more sleek, aerodynamic, and unique. As of today, different car manufactures have their top of the line vehicles competing against world class quality standards.

Internal combustion engines came into the market later on and created a new approach to transportation and engine development. Francois Rivaz is the famous Swiss inventor that thought of using the amalgamation of hydrogen and oxygen to fuel power. Other scientists followed pursuit but also could not create an effective combustion engine.

The great turn of events took place in 1885 when the first 4 stroke cycle gasoline engine was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz. For this particular and magnanimous achievement, a patent was also given to the scientist. The reason behind the importance of this invention was that a completely different methodology was not only accepted but extremely success both in terms of quality and durability. Finally, in 1888, the car became available for mass production.

Another successful milestone in the car industry was in 1899 when Benz & Cie. produced 572 units of the first internal combustion flat engine called the boxermotor. The world realized how important a fast and reliable method of transport really was. The western part of the world was also busy in creating their versions of gasoline internal combustion. George Selden of Rochester, NY was also granted a patent in 1895.

New vendors and car manufactures come to market to meet the demands of the market. Detroit, USA became home of the great car manufactures Ford, Diamond- Chrysler and GMC. Cars started being manufactured in hundreds and new strategies became active to ensure massive production lines to be in place. Cars became being manufactured in hundreds. Millions of dollars were spent in the early 1900’s to create gigantic factories with hundreds of workers. New cars came to the market and made their impact to the eastern and western markets. American cars had their say and dominance due to their large and extensive room and enjoyable ride. Cadillac and Lincoln town cars became American quality brands and other muscle cars were developed. Ford created Mustang that was an extremely effective speed car that created a new revolution.

The objective for all car manufactures had been to create a certain niche in the market and penetrate into different markets and age groups. The mini car and the WV beetle are still one of the most enjoyed and durable cars till date that has proven its existence on the basis of their design and shape.

There was also an era of sport cars and car fanatics drove this specific industry. Porsche and Audio actively pursued this market and created their own makes and models that became international winners. The Audio A4 has been acclaimed as one of the most robust and sophisticated cars that has an exceptional drive and suspension. The Porsche twin turbo was an expensive and high end speed devil that drove its shape into the annals of best cars ever made.

Interestingly enough, cars have matured into different models and types. Cars can now be classified into luxury cars, 4×4’s, jeeps, trucks, convertibles, sedans and vans. Each specific classification has its own differentiators in the market. Car vendors have finally understood the demands and requirements of the masses and customized their services and cars in line with the demands. Cars can now be purchased with added features, engine types, car seating, and hard or soft tops. All of these variables can be customized and shipped within months.

On another front, cars have been a necessity. People and distances have increased requiring a better mode of communication. Different cars are available for different people. Convertibles with high end leather seats to jeep with stiff suspensions are all available in the market.

With such an influx of cars in the market the market had grown to 600 million cars around the world in 2003. And this has been growing ever since. Fuel consumption has been another major market hit due to the high demand of cars. Over 300 gallons of gasoline and diesel are consumed by different cars and vehicles across the world. Due to this alarming number of cars and depreciation of natural resources, new means and models of engine efficiency have come to the market. Engineers are working around the clock in developing cars running on hybrid systems. Some cars have also hit the market that is running on electricity. Compact and environmentally friendly cars have also hit the market in the last decade. The 800 million cars moving around the world had impacted the environment and now the world is concerned about the environment. Automotive industrial giants are taking benefit of this requirement and manufacturing cars that state being environment friendly.